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InfoPro Research caters for the business and market research needs of the Lebanese and other Arab markets. It produces a number of sector-specific research products in banking, insurance, construction, and real estate, as well as political and general purpose opinion polls.

InfoPro Research has built-up an extensive database of information and trends within each area of specialization.

InfoPro Research also conducts ad-hoc and omnibus research studies on behalf of investors and companies from a variety of business sectors. These studies include:
  • Customer-satisfaction surveys
  • Product-testing
  • Mystery shopping
  • Consumer usage and attitude
  • Corporate usage and attitude
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Market penetration surveys
  • Site surveys
  • Polling
  • Economic studies
  • Sectoral analysis
  • ...and many others.
InfoPro Research uses advanced research methodologies and techniques that comply with ESOMAR standards.

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